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About Me

Sometimes you create an image of yourself, that is not true to who you are, how you perceive yourself, is how others will perceive you as well. Have you ever been told that you can’t accomplish something or you will never amount to anything? Did those words stick to you like glue, or do you find it hard to move past negative behaviors?


It wasn’t until I figured out my purpose that I decided to turn those negative words or behaviors into positive actions and set myself on the right course for success. Sometimes we have to push through all the muck and mire that binds us, I knew for myself that this was exactly what I had to do. 


I had to dig deep to pull out and up all the potential hidden beneath, I discovered the confidence and mental strength that eluded me for years, not because it wasn’t there, but because I was afraid to let it exist. I know that sounds crazy, but fear was my comforter and I was afraid of who I could or could not be without it.  You see, fear is a strong entity that can bind and strip you of all the awesomeness you possess.


Impossibilities turned into possibilities for me, and I began to carve a career path while working and building myself from the inside out, While working in the medical field I started planting seeds of motivation and encouragement with patients and coworkers, and I saw my harvest starting to grow, and amid that fertile field, my path was realized.


I  began to build upon that by enhancing my skills in life by taking a course in life coaching, implementing certain tools, and participating in employee relationships forums that better enhance how employees interacted while using different communication techniques.


7 Images of Success Consulting was born out of my wanting to Encourage, Inspire, and Motivate women just like me to go beyond their impossibilities to see all the possibilities before them.


  1. Start- Take that first step.

  2. Sacrifice-This is what it will take. 

  3. Seed-Plant it to see your harvest.

  4. Seize- The opportunity.

  5. Season - Your time is now.

  6. Shake up what has been lying dormant.

  7. Stay the course.

  You are better than you think you are!

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